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It’s common truth that most of us enjoy looking at big butt ladies shaking their butts. Now it’s called Twerking. Call me old fashioned but i prefer to use the term – “Girl shaking her booty”. Now that we’ve made it clear, let’s enjoy this chocolate skin darling shakin’ it from left to right in an acompaniament of a rap music.

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Most of the time, the black girls are the ones with bigger/juicier bottoms, but once in a while there is this white girl with an ass like whoa! These days people call such girls PAWG’s. Meet Sophie Dee a British pornstar with a really large ass, and she’s white. This video is just a teaser of what you can see in much better quality and INTERACTION when you visit her webcam profile. Would you like to talk with her LIVE? Check out Sophie profile here She’s online almost every day!

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Heather Bianchi is probably one of the most beautiful PAWG’S out there. She is white but her ass look like it belongs to a black girl ! In this behind the scenes footage from Show Mag she’s posing , and guys are taking photos of her. When she’s lying on her side we can even see her shaved pussy lips !
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